Marijuana in our Workplaces: What You Need to Know Seminar

  • November 17, 2021
    8:30 am - 3:15 pm

The Iowa-Illinois Safety Council is always trying find programming that relevant, timely, and important to help all of the employers in our territory. We have asked, and you have told us, marijuana in the workplace is still a concern. With the rapidity in which laws and guidelines are changing we recognize that marijuana in the workplace can be a complicated issue regardless of where you are located, but those who are on the board of Iowa and Illinois face extra challenges.

Marijuana in our Workplaces: What You Need to Know will help clarify a lot of the issues we are seeing in the workplaces right now. Our speakers will cover how to handle employees who work in one state but live in another, guidance on what should your testing polices look like, and how to navigate potential consequences of those polices, including hiring and retention best practices.

Registration Options: In-person (Davenport, IA) or Virtual (via Zoom)
We will be holding this seminar in a hybrid format. In-person capacity will be limited. In-person registration includes lunch.

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