E-Mail issues

If you have difficulty getting ASSP or chapter emails delivered to your inbox, it’s likely they are being blocked by your ISP or company’s spam filter. Why might a spam filter do this? It could be due to an aggressive stance against commercial messages or the filter may be programmed to not allow the same message to be sent to many different recipients at the same time.In these situations, the first step is to whitelist ASSP on your desktop computer or through your company’s IT department.

Whitelisting identifies ASSP as a safe sender from whom you want to receive messages.You can whitelist chapter emails. For example, updates@chapter.assp.org, wherein chapter.assp.org would be replaced by your chapter’s web address (e.g., chicago.assp.org).You can also whitelist Society emails using bounce@send.assp.org.

Even if you whitelisted Society and chapter messages in the past, you may need to do so again now that we have become ASSP – that is, change that “e” to a “p” in your settings.For more information about whitelisting, contact ASSP’s web team.