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Safety Director

Safety Director regularly inspects construction job sites to ensure that a project is in compliance with federal regulations. The director enforces safety rules set by the company, U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, as well as numerous other laws.


  • Perform daily site safety inspections, safety assessments, safety audits.
  • Compile daily, weekly, monthly reports as per company policy & procedures.
  • Investigate all accidents & complete all required paperwork as per OSHA, State regulations.
  • Make recommendations concerning the modification, improvement, or removal of any hazardous objects, processes, or equipment to ensure optimal site safety conditions.
  • Serve as the liaison between our client and OSHA, Insurance Carriers, and/or any other regulatory agencies.
  • Develop & Execute safety kick-off presentations.
  • Support all safety efforts on the project and promote company “Incident & Injury Free” culture & initiatives.
  • Ensure all construction activities are preplanned in regard to safety through pre-task plan reviews as well as preconstruction meetings.
  • Ensure all workers adhere to the approved site safety plan onsite.
  • Maintain all safety-related documentation.
  • Coach all workers in effective hazard identification & correction of issues.
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